Learning Outcome

The Achievement of Learning Outcomes of Graduates of Master of Environmental Sciences is formulated as follows:

  1. Able to explain conceptual and practical thinking about environmental science based on the interconnectedness of three elements namely biotics, abiotics and humans
  2. Able to analyze and describe environmental problems in the national and global spheres including from a social, economic and environmental policy point of view
  3. Able to integrate facts, concepts and methods from multidisciplinary science covering ecology, biology, chemistry and physical sciences andpliing them to environmental issues
  4. Able to scientifically improve prakbs capabilities for environmental problem solving including computer application usage, statistics, and environmental modeling.
  5. Able to explain and apply research methods (qualitative or quantitative) scientifically including the method of obtaining, processing and analyzing environmental data and communicating them in writing or
  6. Able to work together in a team with a multidisciplinary scientific background