Thesis Proposal Registration

The requirements and procedures for registration for the Thesis Proposal Seminar Examination are as follows:

Registration requirements for Thesis Proposal Seminar Examination

  1. Consultation book for at least 7 consultations and filling out online guidance on SSO-SIAP Undip up to 7 steps;
  2. Proof of Thesis Proposal has been approved by the supervisor to be tested;
  3. IRS (Study Plan Fill) and KHS (Study Results Card);
  4. Thesis and Powerpoint sent via (4 Days before the Proposal Seminar Exam);
  5. Be present 30 minutes before the exam;
  6. Training/Pre-Exam one day before;

All documents in hardcopy are submitted four days in advance (normal condition)

Registration Procedure for Thesis Proposal Seminar Examination

  1. Please register online by clicking on the seminar exam proposal, uploading all the documents mentioned above;
  2. The registration form that has been received via your email is downloaded and signed, after that, it is sent via email to and provides information via Whatsapp about when the supervisor can test (Date and Time);
  3. Please wait for information from Admin to schedule and students must submit 5 copies of thesis proposal documents, including 4 for examiners and 1 for Archives (if an emergency such as Covid-19 goes directly to number 4);
  4. The thesis draft document and 4 original documents must be received at least 4 days before the exam (if there is an emergency such as Covid-19, please send the Thesis Draft in PDF form to email