The facilities in the Master program of Environmental Science support the student learning process. The program provides comfortable classrooms with computers and LCD, wi-fi services that are already Single System Online (SSO), and libraries with a large collection of books to meet the needs of graduate students for references such as books, journals, and publications, chemical laboratories, coastal, radio ecology, environmental biology, biotechnology, water waste, soil mechanics, geology, hydrology, and computer laboratories. The laboratory is available in the Master Program of Environmental Sciences and other majors in Diponegoro University Environment.

Facilities at Diponegoro University

  1. SSO (Single Sign On) is an integrated system that connects undip academic community with several IT resources and facilities provided by Diponegoro University. This service was created with the aim of creating convenience for users in conducting IT-based academic activities.   The wifi that covers the entire area is undip and can also be in public universities in Indonesia.
    Diponegoro University Campus Stadium as a service for sports activities in all sports fields
  2. Diponegoro University Tennis Court
  3. Auditorium Prof. Soedarto Diponegoro University
  4. Diponegoro University Campus Mosque
  5. Central Library of Diponegoro University
  6. Libray of School of Postgraduate studies
  7. Laboratory in each Faculty/School
  8. Diponegoro University Integrated Laboratory Building as a facility for joint lab
  9. Diponegoro National Hospital
  10. Student Flats
  11. ICT Center Building
  12. Training Center building as a supporting facility in the field of training
  13. Government bank that cooperation with Undip