Starting in 2020, the guidance system, trial exam seminars have gone through SSO READY, so the decision to pass or not is calculated not based on the time of the trial but the completion of the revision and given a grade by the examiner then that’s when it is considered completed or passed.

After completing the revision and it is decided to pass, students register online and a graduation registration menu will appear, register at SSO READY, please click graduation list via  SSO SIAP, after registering online students are also complete list for graduation, clik graduation blank

Graduation Registration Requirements:

Submit administrative requirements at the Postgraduate School, namely:

  1. Free Administration Letter issued by the Undip Postgraduate School of Finance (collectively made by MIL)
  2. Temporary graduation certificate issued by the Undip Sub-Academic Graduate School.
  3. Temporary transcript of the Study Program signed by the head of the Study Program
  4. Minutes of Thesis Exams that have been signed by the Examiner Team
  5. Certificate of Free Borrowing Books from the Library issued by the Undip Graduate School Sekolah
  6. Submit a passport photo as follows:
  7. Black and White size 3×4 = 4 sheets
  8. (formal wear) Colored 3X4 = 4 sheets
  9. (formal attire) Black and white 4X6 = 2 sheets
  10. Colored 4×6=2 sheets (red background) Facing straight ahead, not wearing sunglasses / dark and not veiled.
  11. Clothing: PSL (pia) and Blazer (women),
  12. on the back of the photo, write your name and study program in pencil
  13. Submit proof of payment of graduation fees
  14. Prospective graduates are required to fill out the Alumni Tracer as one of the graduation requirements at the online address: http// (Click the academic menu, alumni tracer). For tracer studies on the wsb site, use the following login: username : NIM and Password; NIM
  15. Submit hardcopy of 2 theses and 2 soft copies (CD) of theses for the UNDIP Postgraduate School library and Environmental Science Masters Study Program as well as an abstract/digest of the thesis in English and Indonesian (1 sheet each) in Blue-Green (duck egg).
  16. The contents of the Thesis CD/Sofcopy contain 1 (one) Word format folder and 1 (one) folder containing pdf files, with the following format: Cover (contains Cover Pages, Validation Matters, Abstracts, Table of Contents etc.) PIG CHAPTER II CHAPTER III CHAPTER IV CHAPTER V BIBLIOGRAPHY ATTACHMENT Submit hadrcopy and softcopy of Publications in National and International Journals/Proceedings to the UNDIP Postgraduate School Library Submit a book donation of 2 titles with the last 5 (year) publication, collected in the academic section. If these requirements are not met, then the student concerned cannot be included in the graduation and must attend the next graduation period until the requirements are complete.

Graduation letter period 164 (Oct -nov 2021)