Thesis Registration

The requirements and procedures for the Thesis Examination registration are as follows:

Thesis Exam registration requirements

  1. Have a minimum TOEFL score of 450;
  2. Consultation book for at least 14 consultations and SSO-SIAP online Guidance until the 14th stage, namely Approval of Research Results to be tested, for two supervisors;
  3. International Seminar Certificate as Presenter;
  4. National Seminar Certificate as a speaker;
  5. The thesis evidence has been approved by the supervisor to be tested;
  6. Proof of SPP payment or Her Registration Form at SSO-SIAP.

Thesis Examination registration procedure

  1. Please register for the exam online by filling out the form (click here) and uploading all the documents mentioned above;
  2. The registration form that has been received via your email is downloaded and signed, after that, it is sent via email to and provides information via Whatsapp about when the supervisor can test (Date and Time);
  3. Notify the admin that you have registered for the exam via WhatsApp or SMS;
  4. Wait for information from admin to schedule exams;
  5. Students must submit 5 copies of the registration requirements and show the original documents by uploading them through the online registration form for verification (5 pieces of Thesis Draft Documents, including 4 for examiners and 1 for Archives);
  6. Show original Certificate of International Seminar and National Seminar (shown only);
  7. Softcopy of the thesis draft document is sent via email to in the form of a smart document* Microsoft Word and PDF (original document) and must be received no later than 4 days before the exam schedule if less than 4 days the student is responsible for submitting it to the examiner himself;
  8. The deadline for online Thesis Examination registration is 4 days before one month during the graduation period. For example, the 155 period is the July period, so the end of the exam is June 30, 2019, if a holiday means advancing, and the registration deadline is 4 days before June 29, so it’s June 25, 2019.

Note: *smart document = table of contents, table of tables, list of figures, and bibliography are created automatically or not manually.