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General Lecture: “Life Cicle for Energy and Environment” By Prof. Dr. Shabir H Geewala

General Lecture: “Life Cicle for Energy and Environment” By Prof. Dr. Shabir H Geewala From King...


Data is a valuable asset Not all data can be utilized, especially when it is associated with...

Workshop Invitation : SUBFOSSIL CLADOCERA Introductory

We hereby inform you that one of the WCU Programs at the Graduate School of Diponegoro University...

Guest Lecture with Democracy and Pollution Theme, Attracted Participants from Doctoral Students

The guest lecture from IPB drew enough attention from Master of Environtmental Sciences students...


The environment is one of the global issues besides two other issues, namely democracy and human rights. Global issues mean issues faced by countries in the world both developed and developing countries. This is because environmental problems stem from the same main source of development activities. Development basically utilizes natural resources as an effort to improve human welfare. History shows that the use of natural resources that do not pay attention to the carrying capacity of the environment causes damage that threatens human existence itself. Various environmental damages such as depletion of the ozone layer, global heat, acid rain, climate change, degradation of biodiversity, soil degradation, land erosion, air pollution, water, flooding, and so on encourage the thinking of environmental importance into consideration in development policies.

Dr. Eng Maryono, ST, MT


Research & Community Service

MES-UNDIP Consistently Provides Suluh through RRI Central Java

As an embodiment of one of the pillars of the Tri dharma of higher education, the Master of Environmental Science (MEL) is still consistent in providing counseling or counseling on a sustainable...

Reforestation as a Conservation Effort in KHDTK Dipo-Forest, Penggaron Forest, Semarang Regency

Penggaron Forest is a catchment area (DTA) of the Babon river and its tributaries which often causes flooding in the eastern part of Semarang City. The condition of the Penggaron forest area,...

UNDIP Masters of Environmental Science Conduct Social Services in Impact Areas in Tanjung Emas and Bedono Village, Demak

Friday, July 3, 2020, at TPQ- NURUL QOYYIMAH - Tanjung Village, Semarang City, donations from the Alumni Master of Environmental Science (MES) have been handed over. This activity was represented by...



Prof. Dr. Sudharto P. Hadi, MES., Ph.D., MES Lecturer and DES Lecturer UNDIP Launches 2 Books on Environment Day.

In commemoration of the 2019 Environment Day, the Master's Program in Environmental Sciences and the Doctor of Environmental Sciences at the Graduate School of Diponegoro University held a...

Alumni UNDIP Say :

“Be good at behaving, speaking and behaving”

Alumni Master Program of Environmental Science at the School of Postgraduate Studies, Diponegoro University class of 2008.
- Dr. Sudalma, S.Si., M.Si. -

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