Field Trip

Field Trip (KKL) is a form of activity that provides a learning experience for students to be directly involved in a society that may not be found on campus, as well as a learning process for students who are building and knowing the successes and problems they face. KKL is implemented by universities to improve the quality of education for students and to get greater added value in higher education. With the fieldwork course, students are expected to gain experience in getting to know the world of work and understand a good work environment. This certainly helps students to get an idea of how to work well and discipline, so that in the future students can become reliable workers in their fields, and can penetrate the tight competition in the world of work.

Field Trip at the Diponegoro University Masters of Environmental Sciences is one of the compulsory subjects. This field trip course has a credit value of 1 credit. This course is available in the third semester or adjusted. The implementation of this KKL supports the teaching and learning process in the Environmental Science Masters Program at Diponegoro University because Environmental Science Master’s Degree students need to have broader insights about environmental management, especially in countries/cities/regions that can be used as examples. Following the curriculum of the Diponegoro University Master of Environmental Science Study Program, that Field Trip (KKL) is held in the 3rd semester or after the semester depending on the circumstances.

The documentation of the results of Field Trip at the UNDIP Master of Environmental Sciences can be accessed at the link below.

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